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South Africa country brief: A socio-economic and political prognosis

A lunchtime seminar on the economic, social and political developments in South Africa was hosted by Arena Idé on Monday, 25 September 2023, at Arenagruppen in Stockholm, Sweden. Reflecting on the thirty years that have passed since apartheid was abolished and the transition to democracy took place, the CEO of the Inclusive Society Institute, Daryl Swanepoel, shared insights on socio-economic and political developments in South Africa.

The ANC still holds government power, albeit with less voter support than before and with coalition politics becoming a feature of the political landscape. South Africa has become a global player. At the same time, the country has major socio-economic challenges. Increased prices and costs for food, fuel and electricity are hitting many in South Africa hard, and unemployment remains stubbornly high. Where is the country heading?

South Africa faces major socio-economic challenges, and the political environment is fragile. But the macro-economics of the country remain in relatively good shape and the democratic and judicial system functions well. There is despair, but hope prevails.


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