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NHI technical meeting

Following the seminar on the NHI: Lessons from the German healthcare system, a technical meeting was held at the offices of the Inclusive Society Institute (ISI) to further interrogate the areas of compatibility of the German system within the South African environment. The objective of the meeting was to clarify issues raised in the previous seminar on the topic, to discuss its applicability within the current economic constraints, to consider aspects that could be incorporated into the legislation currently under discussion, and to assist the ISI research team in the drafting of its written report to policymakers.

The meeting was attended by the ISI’s research team, which is being led by Dr. Shivani Ranchod, invited academics, Dr. Gwen Ramakgopa representing the ANC’s NEC sub-committee on Education and Health, and Mr. Franz Knieps, an expert on the German healthcare system and a board member of German Health Insurance BKK.


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