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ISI in Germany: SA Social Cohesion Radar

The CEO of the Inclusive Society Institute (ISI) visited Constructor University in Bremen, Germany, on Monday, 20 November 2023, where he met with Professor Klaus Boehnke, an international expert on measuring social cohesion in countries.


The ISI and Professor Boehnke intend to work together in the development of a Social Cohesion Radar for South Africa.


The Isi is of the view that social cohesion in South Africa is slipping, and that raising awareness and programmes aimed at enhancing reconciliation and nation-building in the country needs more urgent focus and attention than the current experience. Social cohesion is by no means a nice to have. It is an economic imperative. Research indicates that countries with a high level of social cohesion tend to have a higher level of economic growth when compared with countries that experience low social cohesion. Similarly, social stability is promoted through high levels of social cohesion.


The six-month project will be launched in January 2024.


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