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Inclusive Society Institute is participation in the C20 Brazil

The C20 is the recognised civil society body that feeds into the G20 deliberations. The Inclusive Society Institute is participating therein. The G20 is meeting later this year in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.


In preparation for the G20 meeting the C20 inception meeting was held in recife, Brazil, from 26 – 28 March 2024. A number of roundtable discussions were held and followed up by discipline specific workshops. Topics discussed were:


  • Inclusive, anti-racist and democratic economies to eliminate inequalities within and between countries

  • Civil Society response to the Triple Planetary Crisis

  • Promoting Indivisible Rights with regard to health, education and culture, and access to technology

  • The role of international cooperation and philanthropy in financing sustainable development


The are 10 working groups, namely:


  • Fair, Inclusive and Anti-Racist Economies

  • Food Systems, Hunger and Poverty

  • Environment, Climate Justice and Just Energy Transition

  • Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Integrated Health for All

  • Education and Culture

  • Digitalization and Technology

  • Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

  • Philanthropy and Sustainable Development

  • SDG16 – Democratic Governance, Civic Space, Anti-Corruption and Access to Justice, in which working group the Inclusive Society Institute is participating.


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