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ISI CEO visits partners in Sweden and Denmark

The ISI seeks to achieve its ideals at a global level through cooperation with like-minded parties and organs of civil society who share its basic values. To this end, it has a very active programme of international collaboration, which contributes to its research work as well as participation in conferences and seminars.

During April 2022, the CEO of the ISI, Daryl Swanepoel paid visits to various institutions in Sweden and Denmark. He also took the opportunity to meet with South Africa’s ambassadors to Sweden, HE Ms Brigitte Mabandla, and Denmark, HE Ms Fikile Sylvia Magubane.

On his visit, Swanepoel also met with leaders of the Social Democratic Parties of both Sweden and Denmark.

A particular highlight was a meeting with Professor Jorgen Elklit, who was an international member of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) that oversaw South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994. Swanepoel also engaged with the Olof Palme International Centre and International IDEA.

In addition, meetings were held with the following:

  • Institute for Future Studies

  • Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD)

  • Global Challenges Foundation

  • Arenagruppen

  • Cevea

  • Worker's Museum

  • Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD)

  • University of Copenhagen, Centre of African Studies

  • Arbejdernes Erhvervsrad (AE)

The objectives of the visit were to build on existing international partnerships as well as to establish new opportunities for collaboration.

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