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ISI CEO attends Progressive Governance Digital Summit

The CEO of the Inclusive Society Institute, Mr Daryl Swanepoel, attended the Progressive Governance Summit which was held from 9 to 11 June 2021.

Keynote speakers at the opening session included Olaf Scholz, Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Finance of Germany and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

Scholz spoke about the tasks for progressive governments to fend off authoritarian regimes. He said that the biggest tasks for progressives was to create hope by letting every citizen know that he/she has a future in the country. This would counter populist rhetoric. Trudeau’s message concurred. He said the role of progressive governments were to reassure, support and empower its citizens.

A wide range of topics were discussed over the three days, including, amongst others:

  • Successful governing in an Age of Complexity: Humble as the New Vision

  • The New World of Work after the Pandemic: Who are Winners and Losers?

  • Tomorrow’s Tech Economy: Pathways to Carbon-free Innovation Landscapes

  • Resisting the Far-Right: Progressive Narratives that Restore Trust in Democracy

  • Europe’s Sovereignty Post-Pandemic: Entering an Era of Deglobalization?

  • From Building Back Better to the European Green Deal: Advancing the Climate Agenda

  • Strategies for a World without Right-Wing Populism and Nationalism

  • Placing Politics above Economics: How Covid has led to a Public Finance Paradigm Shift

  • Europe in the 2020s: Reinvigorating the Spirit of Reform

  • People Power: A message to the G&

  • The Struggle for Democracy: How to Turn Back the Authoritarian Tide

  • Building a New Era of Multilateralism

  • Germany after Merkel

  • Campaigning during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic

  • New Economic Paradigms

  • After the Crisis: Centre-Left Comeback or Another Conservative Decade

  • Empowering the Politically Abandoned: Addressing Inequalities in the 2020s

  • Visions for Europe’s (Digital) Future

  • Stronger Together! Background Discussion on European Solidarity between National Parliamentarians from EU Member States

  • Mayors as Progressive Motors

  • Progressive Majorities: Best-Practices Politics on Keeping out the Centre-Right

  • Intergenerational Justice and Social Mobility Post-Covid


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