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Inclusive Society Institute and Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability engages Thabo Mbeki Foundation on UN reform proposals

A team from the South Africa’s Inclusive Society Institute (ISI) and the Brussels-based Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS) met with the Thabo Mbeki Foundation in Johannesburg on Wednesday, 6 March 2024 to discuss their proposals for the establishment of a UN Global Reliance Council. The ISI was represented by its Advisory Council Chairperson, Ms Buyelwa Sonjica and CEO, Daryl Swanepoel. FOGGS was represented by its Executive Director, Dr Georgios Kostakos. The Thabo Mbeki Foundation as represented by its CEO, Max Boqwana.


The two sides agreed to further explore feasible pathways for UN reform that would culminate in a more effective, just and inclusive UN system, which must provide for an equitable voice for the Global South. To this end a brainstorming session will be organised in the near future to give clarity and purpose to the work of the organisations.


The ISI and FOGGS team were privileged to meet with President Thabo Mbeki, where they introduced the work that on UN reform that they are engaged with.


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