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Electoral Reform in South Africa – Part 6

The 6th meeting of the Inclusive Society Institute’s expert panel on electoral reform met on Monday afternoon, 16 November 2020.

In previous meetings, the panel considered presentations by international experts on proportional representation electoral models abroad, and proposals by panellists on potential electoral models for South Africa. Sufficient agreement was reached for the institute to move forward with a modelling exercise. Meetings of the panel were paused to allow for the modelling to be completed.

With the exercise completed, the panel was reconvened to consider its outcome. The meeting received a presentation on the outcome, and discussed outstanding elements identified at previous meetings and as a result of the exercise.

In moving towards closure, the panel will, at its next meeting, consider recommendations to be made to policymakers on the institute’s proposed way forward with regard to the most appropriate electoral system for South Africa. The model to be proposed by the institute aims to give effect to the Constitutional Court’s judgement requiring the Electoral Act to be amended in order to allow for independent candidates to participate in national and provincial elections, and, which will, simultaneously help in strengthening the country’s democratic dispensation.


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