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Taking the Constitution to the People - Adam Masebe Secondary School, Sekampaneng, Hammanskraal

On 18 March 2024, the Inclusive Society Institute conducted a workshop titled “Taking the Constitution to the People,” to Grade 11 learners of Adam Masebe Secondary School in Hammanskraal, Gauteng Province.

The workshop was facilitated by Mr Patrick Morathi from the ISI.

He outlined that the workshop is aimed at young adults at the end of their schooling in preparation for adult life as responsible citizens. It also seeks to stimulate awareness of constitutional principles and values.

Beyond bringing awareness among the learners about their rights, the workshop aims to inspire and evoke perception about where they can become involved in civics and public affairs. How they can apply the constitution in their day-to-day lives and why is it important that they should exercise civic responsibility for their environment, community and the country at large.

The learners and educators who were in attendance enjoyed and welcomed the workshop with its relevant content and material that was distributed to all participants which included:

  • The Basic Provisions of the Constitution

  • Taking the Constitution to the People (Know your rights and responsibilities)

The workshop was so interactive that it was during the presentation that learners were given an opportunity to ask questions and also respond to questions of engagements that were posed by the Facilitator. At the end of the presentation, learners had to fill in a survey sheet which tested their understanding on the entire presentation particularly on the constitution, democracy and political parties.

The Republic of South Africa Constitution, Act No. 108 of 1996 was used as a reference.


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