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A blueprint for the rejuvenation of the South African economy – Construction sector input – Part 2

As reported in Part 1 of this dialogue, the Inclusive Society Institute has embarked on an extensive economic research project, which will culminate in a comprehensive ‘Blueprint for rejuvenating South Africa’s economy’. The methodology includes a series of dialogues with various sectoral stakeholders and policymakers. These dialogues each have two parts to them:

  • Gaining an understanding from the particular sectors perspective as to what the country needs to correct policy wise

  • What new initiatives / policies should be introduced to shift the economy onto a higher growth trajectory.

The second dialogue with the construction community was held on Tuesday, 2 November 2021, with the focus being on new thinking aimed at catapulting South Africa onto a higher economic growth trajectory. Proposals were made aimed at:

  • Maximising available private sector capital by harnessing the potential through holistic and coordinated developmental planning

  • Better cashflow management, and a range of smaller may be better than mega.

  • Maintenance of existing infrastructure

  • Removal of red tape, keep real accountability to streamline procedures and to ensure greater simplicity within the bureaucratic processes

  • Incentivise remuneration, clean audits and the removal of corruption

  • The strengthening of municipalities by treating the private sector as an equal partner

  • Measures need to be put in place to remove bottlenecks that are suffocating development

  • Greater focus on sustainable development as opposed to vanity projects

  • Tenders need to be more specific, simplified and streamlined

  • Leadership, skills, capacity and decisive decision-making needs to be enhanced

A full report on the deliberations will be released in due course.


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