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A blueprint for the rejuvenation of the South African economy – a SMME sector perspective

The Inclusive Society Institute has embarked on an extensive economic research project, which will culminate in a comprehensive ‘Blueprint for rejuvenating South Africa’s economy’. The methodology includes a series of dialogues with various sectoral stakeholders and policymakers. These dialogues each have two parts to them: (i) Gaining an understanding from the particular sectors perspective as to what the country needs to correct policy wise, and (ii) what new initiatives / policies should be introduced to shift the economy onto a higher growth trajectory.

This dialogue, held in Johannesburg, aimed at channelling the thoughts of the SMME sector into the research.

A range of concerns were raised, amongst others:

  • The regulatory burden that is impacting the ability of enterprises to focus on their primary production activities.

  • The inefficiency of government bureaucracy which impedes the enterprises ability to execute projects and to develop & grow.

  • The rigid labour laws; and unbridled and uncompetitive competition with foreign nationals.

  • Limitations to funding.

  • A need to redesign the curriculum of the education system, since there is a disconnect connect between the education outputs and the skills requirements within the real economy.

A number of proposed solutions were put forward, which proposals will be captured in the report that will emanate from this discussion, and which will be fed into the broader research project.


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