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Panel discussion on UN reform organised by Turkiye's Communications, Cape Town

The Communications Directorate of Turkiye’s Presidency organised a panel discussion in Cape Town on 30 August 2022 to discuss reform of the United Nations (UN).

The discussion was moderated by Turkish scholar, Mursel Bayram. The panel brought together Turkish Professor, Suay Nilhan Acikalin, South African political analyst, William Gumede, Zaheer Laher, the acting Chief Director of the UN Peace and Security's Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO), and Daryl Swanepoel, Chief Executive Officer of the Inclusive Society Institute.

The meeting was also addressed via video panel by Turkiye's Presidency Communications Director, Fahrettin Altun, who said that although the UN has made significant contributions to peace and stability in various geographies of the world since its establishment, it needs reform.

Mr Swanepoel’s contribution pointed to the current deficiencies within the UN system, and focussed on the need and motivation for UN reform. He also interpreted South Africa and Africa’s position on such reforms. He made a number of proposals on what such reforms could entail, such as redefining the veto powers, and he cautioned against a delay in reforming the UN, specifically the Security Council, in that it is contributing to a proliferation of alternative multilateral fora and geo-political polarisation.


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