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New economic order conference, Stockholm, Sweden

The Chief Executive Officer of the Inclusive Society Institute, Daryl Swanepoel, represented the Institute at the New Economic Order Conference that was held in Stockholm, Sweden, on 21 September 2023. The conference was organised by Sweden-based Arena Idé and Germany-based Dezernat Zukunft. The conference focussed on the future of Progressive Fiscal Policy.

The organisers gathered some of the world’s leading progressive economists, researchers and opinion leaders, who are focussed on turning the page on the new chapter that the current economic crisis may lead to. Session themes included, amongst others:

  • Time to democratize central banking?

  • Inequalities and the cost-of-living-crisis unravelled

  • Counter inflationary measures

  • Tax policy and public attitudes towards redistribution

  • How to fight inflation in an age of overlapping emergencies


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