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ISI Partners with Chinese Consulate General in hosting National Women’s Day Celebrations in SA

The Inclusive Society Institute joined forces with the Chinese Consulate General as well the Africa Chinese Women’s Association in commemorating the National Women’s Day in South Africa but furthermore to this celebrating the role of women nations. The event was hosted by the above-mentioned organizations on the 8th of August 2023 at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton Johannesburg.

Nondumiso Sithole, advisory council member at the Inclusive Society Institute (ISI), attended and delivered a keynote address. Inclusive Society Institute mobilized key panelist, Dr Farhana Paruk and Dr April Yazini who partook in the panel discussions. The panel of women gave input on session themed “BRICS corporation in women’s view” and the second session an “independent and self-sufficient women.”

The event was attended by academics, businesswomen and political party representatives who engaged in rigorous debates on the challenges as well as the road that lies ahead in fostering societies and nations that don’t converse but actually implement solutions that will emancipate women and foster the role of women in all pivotal spaces.

Consul-general Tang Zhongdong paid tribute to all women and highlighted the fact “regardless of cultural backgrounds or geographical distances, women across the two nations share several inherent characteristics”. He also highlighted the fact that the year 2023 marked 25 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Africa and China and that there is ongoing discussions and dialogue on issues related to gender-equality and women’s empowerment.


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