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ISI makes submission on Electoral Amendment Bill to Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs

In response to Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs’ invitation to make a submission on the Electoral Amendment Bill that is currently before Parliament, the ISI forwarded its comments on 16 September 2022.

The ISI is promoting a Multi-Member Constituency model, which is diametrically opposed to that contained in the Bill. The Institute is however following a pragmatic approach by proposing a two-step approach to the electoral reform. Step one would entail passing the current legislation before Parliament, which is a minimalistic adjustment providing for the current PR system to continue with a provision for independent candidates to also stand for election to the National Assembly and Provincial Legislatures. This should be for the 2024 general election only. The second step, the ISI proposes, should be broader reform in time for the 2029 general election, which should provide for some form of constituency representation.

Furthermore, the ISI is of the view that the current Bill before Parliament is not constitutional. It has made proposals to the Portfolio Committee to remedy the clauses deemed not being able to pass constitutional muster.

The Institute full submission, legal opinion and electoral proposals can be accessed by following the links below:


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