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#Integritasza Conference

1 - 3 December 2021, Wellington

The Inclusive Society Institute (ISI) participated in the #Integritasza Conference which was held from 1 to 3 December 2021 at the Andrew Murray Centre for Spirituality in Wellington.

The theme of the conference, which was hosted by the Centre for Good Governance in the School of Social Innovation at Hugenote Kollege, was “Integrity Based Good Public and Corporate Governance Leadership.” The first day of the conference took the form of a free open day showcasing partnership, which was an opportunity for institutions and individuals to showcase their work.

Dr Motsamai Molefe of the ISI presented a paper on “Integrity in Inclusive Societies” and ISI Board Chairperson, Mr Vusi Khanyile, presented a paper on Board Leadership Integrity.

In his paper, Dr Molefe said that integrity is the quality of being honest and fair. It had personal and social dimensions. He added that integrity implies proper self-development and moral overtones involving quality of character. Ubuntu accounts for integrity by appealing to other-centered and self-centered forms of respect. We therefore need leaders who are other- and self-respecting.

Mr Khanyile pointed out that the conference was taking place at a moment in the evolution of our nation when the very foundations of our society were being tested. He said that it is when the creative potential of our national systems seemed most weakened that we must regain our strength and revisit our founding vision. A pattern of a public sector beset with a lack of integrity had emerged, Mr Khanyile said. He concluded by saying that there were glimmers of hope and that we must take up this challenge to make public integrity the cornerstone of a new dispensation of efficient and effective governance.

The conference was well-attended and presented an opportunity for the ISI to connect with likeminded organisations and individuals. It concluded with setting an action agenda to achieve impact in the area of integrity-based leadership.


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