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#Integritasza Conference

30 November 2022 - 2 December 2022, Wellington

The Inclusive Society Institute (ISI) attended the 2022 Conference and Workshop: Centre for Good Governance in Africa, the School of Social Innovation at Hugenote - Co-created Community-based Partnership Local Governance and Service Delivery in South Africa Analysis, Action and Activism. It was held at the Andrew Murray Centre for Spirituality, Wellington South Africa. The workshop took place from 30 November to the 2 December 2023. The workshop was hosted by CiviNovus NPC.

The ISI was represented by Dr Motsomai Molefe, Dr Klaus Kotze, Mr Edwin McQueen and Mrs Berenice Marks. Drs Molefe and Kotze presented their papers, Ubuntu and the role of local government, and Realising the constitutional goals: a transformed and people driven state respectively at the conference.

The workshop was well attended by political parties, civil society, academia, and well know South African dignitaries.

The theme was Community based local governance, analysis, action and activism.


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