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Inclusive Society Institute attends ANC National Policy Conference

The CEO of the Inclusive Society Institute (ISI), Mr Daryl Swanepoel, attended the ANC National Policy Conference, which was held from 29 – 31 July 2022 at NASREC in Johannesburg.

The ISI has as its objective the promotion of public policy based on social and national democratic values. As such it is important to be intricately involved in the broader public policy dialogue in the country; more so with the policy processes of the ruling party with whom it broadly shares the same ideological orientation. It is also through the ruling African National Congress that the Institute could best promote the policy positions it puts forward to advance the ISI’s vision of an equitable, socially just, free and democratic South Africa. The ISI advances a policy framework working towards a modern welfare state using the development state as a vehicle to achieve its objective.

The Institute will over the coming months and in the run-up to the ANC’s National Conference scheduled for December 2022, develop a number of papers contributing to the national policy dialogue in response to the policy positions emanating from the ANC Policy Conference.


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