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Construction Summit 2023

The Inclusive Society Institute, supported by ASLA, organised a highly successful Construction Summit which was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on 8 August 2023.

The objective of the Summit was for it to serve as a scoping exercise for the Institute’s further research into the development of both the social and economic infrastructure needed to radically change the fortunes of the South African economy, and how the construction sector can be best positioned to deliver with the urgency required. The aim was to identify the issues that need attention in the sector, policies that need to be revised or developed, and/or legislation that needs adaption.

The programme was developed around two main themes, namely, The current performance of the construction sector within the economy and its prospects under the status quo and The regulatory environment, and innovative thinking to leapfrog construction’s contribution to GDP and economic growth.

The Summit was opened by the Deputy Minister of Finance, Hon. David Masondo, with an impressive range speakers and experts also participating in the event.


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