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Seminars & Conferences

Annual Lecture

- Durban

- Cape Town

- Johannesburg

This will be a three-part annual series, with events in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. The lectures will advance two objectives, the first being to address some of the burning issues confronting society, and the second to advance nation-building and reconciliation. Eminent persons and role models who have served with distinction the democratic emancipation of the South African people, or who have excelled in the fields of politics, public policy, culture and economic development, will be selected to deliver speeches at annual prestigious events. They will be invited to deliver keynote and thought-provoking speeches on crucial matters confronting society. Through the combined participation of the speakers, who will be drawn from the broader spectrum of South African society, the ISI aims to promote inclusivity and unity, by broadly including the diversity of the South African people.

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