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NHI: Lessons from China, Germany and the United Kingdom

The South African government has introduced legislation to introduce a National Health Insurance which aims to provide universal access to affordable and quality healthcare. Various sectors in society have expressed concerns as to the policy’s affordability and its impact on private medical aids and hospitals. This has prompted the ISI to commission research aimed at assessing various financing and structural models that will enable the introduction of a universally accessible, affordable, quality healthcare system. This project aims to create a platform for learning from international practice in this field. China has introduced a universal national healthcare system which also allows for an expansion of private healthcare. Germany has a well-developed national healthcare system which includes space for private healthcare. The United Kingdom’s National Health Scheme is considered an indespensable feature of British society. It too provides for private healthcare. The study will examine the model and its applicability to the South African environment, which study will include an assessment of the interplay between the national system and private medical aids and hospitals.

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