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International briefing on land expropriation without compensation

Despite assurances by government that the introduction of land reform policies (aimed at providing expropriation of land without compensation) will not provide for any ‘land grab’ scenarios, or be designed in a way that will harm the economy, opposition forces have proceeded to advance countermeasures to discredit the envisaged concept. They wrongly promote the argument that the envisaged policy will result in Zimbabwe-style land grabs and that it will lead to investment insecurity. The deployment of their strategy has included calls on the international community, including the European, British, Australian and American political establishment, to intervene and to place pressure on the South African authorities to desist from implementing these important measures. The ISI, in its support for urgent land reform in South Africa, aims to create, through these briefings, platforms for ANC and government leaders to clarify the policies necessary, and true transformative intentions.

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