Memoirs of the Stalwarts

The individual episodes of the living archives series will be transcribed and converted to written biographies. Each biography will represent a chapter in a book to be published for purposes of capturing for posterity the historical contributions of the numerous stalwarts and activists that sacrificed themselves in order to bring about the current democratic dispensation.

The international anti-apartheid activists

During the period of South Africa’s liberation struggle, many international activists participated in actions of solidarity with the ANC and the broader liberation movement. They came from many countries, notably the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA. Their individual contributions collectively mobilised public opinion in favour of the anti-apartheid effort. This opinion undeniably contributed towards the coordinated international action against the apartheid regime, and ultimately towards the ushering in of democracy in South Africa. The envisaged book will comprise several chapters, with individual chapters being allocated to both well-known and as well as largely unknown individuals, and celebrities. It will tell their life stories, their contribution to South Africa’s liberation struggle, and their assessment of its democratic achievements and outcomes.

Journal for Inclusive Public Policy

The ISI intends to publish a biannual academic journal, which it aims to have accredited as its reputation gets established. The journal will comprise peer-reviewed articles and research on matters of public policy, across all disciplines, and inclusive democracy. Given the ISI’s value system, the content of the journal will contain bias for contributions authored from a social and national democratic ideological position. The objectives of the institute are that the journal will contribute to the body of knowledge and that it will provoke public policy dialogue.

Social Democrat magazine

The biannual magazine aims to promote nation-building and reconciliation, social democracy, good governance and patriotism. It will be widely distributed to members of aligned political parties and civil society organisations and the general public. It will be available in both print and digital format. Content will be varied and will include articles such as those profiling leaders and role-players in society, human achievements, policy initiatives, arts, sports and culture, matters of policy and legislation, the economy and infrastructure delivery, the history of the liberation movement, etcetera.