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ISI presents Basic Income Grant research findings to Deputy Minister of Finance

The Inclusive Society Institute (ISI) presented its findings related to the Institute’s research on the feasibility of a Basic Income Grant (BIG)( to the Deputy Minister of Finance, on Wednesday, 17 November 2022. The presentation was made by Dr Roelof Botha, the Institute’s lead researcher on the project.

The findings of the Institute confirm that the introduction of a targeted Basic Income Grant is indeed feasible and in fact, will marginally grow Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The proposed grant will be made to all unemployed South African citizens.

The research modelling includes both the BIG costing and the potential financing mechanism.

The ISI will release its report in January 2023, whereafter it will embark on a promotion campaign aimed at securing the introduction of this overdue social intervention, which is aimed at securing a greater degree of social justice and cohesion.


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