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Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2021

The Inclusive Society Institute, through its CEO, attended the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2021, which was held on a hybrid basis in Copenhagen and virtually from 10 – 11 May 2021. The Copenhagen Democracy Summit is hosted annually by the Alliance for Democracy Foundation, who has as its objective is dedicated to the advancement of democracy across the globe.

The prominent topics that came under discussion included the protection of democracy and the rule of law, protecting democracy from authoritarianism, defending democracy as a core value and investment in democracy tech.

In a presentation of the Democracy Perception Index 2021, it was noted that the single biggest threat to democracy is economic inequality. Other key points made during the dialogue was that values should drive foreign policy, and that the rule of law leads to prosperity. The positives and real dangers of social media to elections and democracy was covered extensively during the second day of the summit.

Keynote speakers included, amongst others, Anders Rasmussen, former Prime Minister of Denmark and Secretary General of NATO, Zuzana Čaputová, President of Slovakia, Jeppe Kofod, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Adam Schiff, Member of US Congress, as well a number of other former presidents, parliamentarians and democracy experts and commentators from around the world.


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