The constitution of the ISI mandates the institute to host a comprehensive archive on the broader liberation movement. Currently these archives are fragmented and hosted by various entities at several sites, locally and abroad. This project aims to, in the first instance, develop a single portal to access all the sites, with an overarching search engine across all sites. In the second instance, it will actively search and gather material not yet lodged at an archive. Thirdly, it will create its own material for lodging in its own institutional archive. The ‘Liberation Archives’ will be promoted as a primary source of information of the liberation movement. It could be accessed by the general public for research purposes, including scholars and students who regularly need such information for projects. Similarly, it will be geared to be used as a source of information for public promotion and civic information purposes.

The ANC Archives website has been set up specifically to facilitate research into the 100 year history of the African National Congress, the oldest liberation movement in the World.



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