How We Are Governed


Membership of the ISI is open to individuals who have served with distinction the democratic emancipation and education of the South African people, or who have excelled in the fields of politics, public policy and economic development, or who, by their personality, guarantee that they will act fully in line with the ISI’s objectives.

The collective membership will, when in sitting during the Annual General Meetings and/or Special Meetings of the membership, comprise the General Assembly.


The Board is elected by the General Assembly to oversee the ISI. It manages the affairs of the ISI in accordance with the resolutions of the members as taken from time to time at General Meetings of the ISI. The Board is responsible for making decisions, and acting on such decisions, which are essential to make in order to achieve the objectives of ISI.


The Advisory Council, which is comprised of eminent persons in society, advises and supports the Board on important matters affecting the ISI.

It also mediates when disputes arise within the Board.