Workshop Event

19 Jul 2021

Assessing crime intelligence in South Africa. An exploratory discussion on required interventions 19 July 2021

The Inclusive Society Institute (ISI) hosted an exploratory discussion on Monday, 19 July 2021, as to what interventions were needed to address the perceived breakdown of […]
1 Jul 2021

Technical workshop to best measure and understand inequality in South Africa

Inequality in South Africa remains stubbornly high. High-level evidence suggests that twenty-seven years into the new democratic dispensation white citizens remain, on average, three times wealthier […]
24 Mar 2021

National Corruption Agency for South Africa: Research Scoping Workshop

The President of the Republic of South Africa, HE Cyril Ramaphosa, in his State of the Nation address in February 2021, announced government’s intention to establish […]
21 Nov 2020

Theories of Change Workshop – Led by Prof. Dugan Fraser

The Board and Advisory Council of the Inclusive Society Institute (ISI) attended a ‘Theories of Change’ workshop on Saturday, 21 November 2020. The workshop was led […]
20 Feb 2020

NHI Technical Meeting

Following the seminar on the NHI: Lessons from the German healthcare system, a technical meeting was held at the offices of the Inclusive Society Institute (ISI) […]